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Charles Cotton and Company
MMACO or Charles Cotton And Company. MMACO is a full featured email marketing business hosting company that combines all of the webs best features for online email marketing business owners into one state of the art program.

MMACO's program is a service that offers people to open, advertise, and expand their own online business. Each email marketing business owner has an opportunity to earn from multiple streams of income, and with a little effort, can create their own place on the web to advertise any business opportunity or website without any risk of spam complaints.

Email marketing business's are rapidly growing, some business's mail to over 20,000 members and send more than 4 million advertisements out per month. Our business owners have at their finger tips some of the best features offered anywhere.

Please take a look around MMACO, compare MMACO to similar programs on the web. If you have any questions at all please feel free to contact us using the contact form.

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