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1. Unless otherwise noted, all programming, graphics, and materials contained in this Site are copyrighted and may not be used except as provided in these terms and conditions or in the copyright notice (documents and software) or other proprietary notice provided with the relevant materials. This program is on file, registered, and protected by US and International copyright laws. Copyright TXu001643528.

2. The materials contained in the Site may not be downloaded or copied. No material may be modified, edited or taken out of context such that its use creates a false or misleading statement or impression as the positions, statements or actions of MMACO.

3. No license is granted to "mirror" the MMACO website.

4. The name and trademarks of MMACO copyright holders may be used in advertising or publicity pertaining to the MMACO Web site, its content, specifications, or software without specific, written prior permission. Title to copyright in Web site documents will at all times remain with copyright holders. Use of MMACO trademarks and service marks is covered by the MMACO Trademark and Servicemark License.

INTELLECTUAL PROPERTY FAQ The aim of the intellectual property policies of MMACO.net is To preserve the integrity of MMACO.net works by eliminating confusion about its source and status.
Which statements apply to specifications, Web pages, and software?
IPR Notice and Disclaimers: General web site copyright, trademark, and legal disclaimer statements.

Document Notice: Information on reproducing MMACO.net work including notes, recommendations, proposed recommendations, working drafts and documentation.

Software Notice: Information on using and MMACO.net software.

Who holds the copyright on MMACO documents?
The owner of MMACO.net. Many documents are created by MMACO.net and we consequently hold the copyright. TXu001643528.

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