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Charles Cotton and Company
M.M.A.C.O Network Submitter
M.M.A.C.O has implemented a network submitter that links your email marketing business with all M.M.A.C.O email marketing business's. This allows your members to automatically send their email campaigns to every M.M.A.C.O email marketing business member and visa versa safely and securely and most of SPAM free. And of course no "extra " cost for you the Owner / Administrator. M.M.A.C.O also went a step further and made sure that you the Owner / Administrator get 100% of the sales when your members sign up to use the network submitter to send their campaigns.

M.M.A.C.O Paid To Read Email
M.M.A.C.O also added a complete Paid to Read Email program in every M.M.A.C.O Email marketing Business. This gives the Owner / Administrator another "email marketing business inside an email marketing business". The Owner / Administrator has complete control over this segment of their business also. And of course there is no "extra" fee for the Owner / Administrator.

M.M.A.C.O Solo Ad Sender
M.M.A.C.O Contact Solo Ad Sender allows owners who have more than one M.M.A.C.O safelist to send paid solos ads for members to all of their lists with a single click of the mouse. No more logging in to each and every list to send out solo ads.

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