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Email Marketing Business Creation
MMACO offers two email marketing business options for anyone that has a computer and wants to start an online business venture. MMACO offers a "credit based" email marketing business and a "non credit based email marketing business.

As the Owner / Administrator of a "credit based" email marketing business, your members are awarded "mailing credits" for reading other members email advertisements. The mailing credits that a member collects are used to send email advertisements to the other members that belong to your business at the pre-selected time intervals that you the Owner / Administrator have set in your Owner / Administrator control Panel.

As the owner of a "non-credit based" email marketing business, your members are allowed to send emails without mailing credits only at the times you the Owner / Administrator have pre-selected in your Owner / Administrators control Panel.

PLEASE NOTE: Your email marketing business is completely SPAM free as All MMACO EMAIL MARKETING BUSINESS'S ARE DOUBLE OPT IN BUSINESS'S. This simply means that upon a person signing up as a member to your business they must first click on a validation link that is sent to the email address that have placed in their members profile.

Experience Matters
MMACO's Program and service's is of the highest quality available today. Innovative solutions and continual research make MMACO stand out above the rest in a highly competitive fast paced market.

Higher Standards
Customer satisfaction is our goal. Listening to the "voice" of the customer can result in improved customer loyalty, a larger customer base with increased activity, a reduction of service failures, lowered operating costs and enhanced program performance. We strive to meet or beat our customers expectations.

MMACO never charges an Owner / Administrator "extra" fees for "Large Memberships" or additional tools that are needed to enhance and make your online business profitable. MMACO guarantees that your monthly hosting will never increase no matter how large your business grows or how much bandwidth your business uses a month. Charging "extra" fees for this in our eyes is unethical and un called for.  MMACO's Hosting is 5.00 USD a month. MMACO also accepts Safe Pay and Pay Stone.  If you wish to use Safe Pay or Pay Stone please use the contact form on the website and inform us before you create your business.